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The Oak Ridge Boys - News

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Behind the Scenes on The Boys are Back Tour

Screen_shot_2011-04-28_at_2.01.08_PMLive Sound International recently profiled the Oaks' sound crew. This article gives an oft overlooked view of the men and the equipment that bring the show to your city. 

Check out the article here...


Oak Ridge Boys celebrate 30th anniversary of 'Elvira'

"Elvira" - it was the Oak Ridge Boys who made it famous. As the story goes, a song plugger for Acuff Rose Music named Ronnie Gant heard a bar band in Texas singing “Elvira,” and thought it’d be perfect for Bonsall’s and Sterban’s voices. He took the idea to their producer, Ron Chancey, and the Boys recorded it in a couple of takes.

Read the entire story from Entertainment Weekly here.....


New iPhone and Android App Released

Screen_shot_2011-03-01_at_9.38.52_AMThe Oak Ridge Boys are proud to announce an all new iPhone app today. And for the first time, they are offering a matching Android app. Both are free and available now in their respective app stores. Follow the break (read more…) for more information on the app. Or simply head on over to grab it and experience the app for yourself on your own mobile device. Follow this link to download:


The Palm Unveils ORB Caricatures

Screen_shot_2011-02-28_at_12.45.34_PMIn celebration of the 30th anniversary of their legendary hit "ELVIRA",  The Oak Ridge Boys have been honored as the most recent addition to The Palm family. With a caricature unveiling on Friday, their images became immortalized forever among the dining rooms which are characterized by the panorama of classic cartoons and caricatures of local regulars, businessmen, politicians, and celebrities which make up our impressive customer base.

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