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The Oak Ridge Boys - News

Going the extra mile is only natural for Oak Ridge Boy

OaksfairBy John Herndon - The Anderson News
Allen loves the music that brought him to Lawrenceburg before he was a star
August 27, 2013 LOUISVILLE – Duane Allen has only one rule for fans getting his autograph. Be polite. “All they have to do is remember one simple phrase: Be polite,” the country and gospel music legend said last week. “Just be polite. Nobody likes somebody that is rude.” After sitting down with Allen less than two hours before he and his fellow Oak Ridge Boys took the stage at the Kentucky State Fair, I can't imagine him being any other way. I am sure he was the same way the night he touched down in Lawrenceburg 48 years ago. Long before he had performed before presidential audiences and became a household name in country music, Duane Allen sang at the Lawrenceburg Fair. An advertisement in The Anderson News of July 8, 1965 invited readers to hear one of the hottest gospel groups of the day, The Prophets, at the fair the following week. Their newest member was the 22-year-old Texan singing baritone.

Working his way through Texas A&M – Commerce, Allen graduated in January of 1965.

“I got my first offer to sing with The Prophets in April. On my birthday, April 29, I had my first concert with The Prophets,” he says. “I sang with them for a year and that is when we came to Lawrenceburg.”

It would probably be a stretch to say Duane Allen remembers much about that date. But I was there. Allen's blue eyes lit up and a big smile crossed his face when I related to him how I can still remember my aunt, Myrtle Perry, being so excited to see the star of the show, Big Lew, The Prophets' tenor.


The Oak Ridge Boys – 40th Anniversary : Celebrating Faith, Family, & Freedom

by Chuck Dauphin | Music News Nashville

oaks-402013 marks four decades since Joe Bonsall first walked onto a stage with Richard Sterban, Duane Allen, and William Lee Golden as the Oak Ridge Boys. That seems like a pretty good reason to celebrate, and the Oaks do so by releasing a compilation CD that shines the spotlight on the music for which they are best known.

Of course, before their record-setting Country career, the Oaks were among the biggest stars in Gospel. What’s interesting to note is that the quartet never quite left that form of music – including such tracks on their albums over the years as “Dig A Little Deeper In The Well,” “Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport,” and “Don’t Give Up.” They tip their hat to that sound on a spellbinding version of “Amazing Grace,” as well as the classic “Jesus Is Coming Soon.”


Music industry insider Jim Foglesong dies at 90 - The Music Man

ORB recording group shotThe Nashville Scene - by Kay West

Jim Foglesong started singing before he turned 2, and according to the pastor at Vine Street Christian Church — where he was an elder and longtime member of the Chancel Choir — he continued singing every single Sunday until two months before his death. Foglesong died July 9, about two weeks shy of his 91st birthday.

Foglesong sang his way into his church choir in his hometown of South Charleston, W.V., when he was just 4. He sang on local radio stations, he sang through high school, and he led several vocal groups during his service in the Army during World War II. After his honorable discharge, he earned a degree in vocal music from the Eastman School of Music, the respected conservatory in Rochester, N.Y.

After graduating, Foglesong moved to New York and married Toni Arnould, who would remain his lifetime singing partner. He also took "side jobs," first at Columbia Records and then RCA in production and executive positions — but he never stopped singing. His pure tenor voice can be heard on recordings by Rosemary Clooney, Connie Francis and on Neil Sedaka's monster hit "Calendar Girl."


Check out today's Nancy comic strip

nc130710Check out today's Nancy and see Aunt Fritzi's shirt. Thanks Nancy and Guy! Click HERE to see article


The Oak Ridge Boys 40th Anniversary... A Celebration of Faith, Family & Freedom

oaksNow Available for Preorder!

The Oak Ridge Boys have been making music history for more than four decades now, and this 40th Anniversary CD brings together their best hits celebrating their God, their country, and their families. We have videos of the Oaks talking about this new recording and everyone who preorders here will immediately receive a free mp3 download of the Oaks singing The Star Spangled Banner!

Full story here


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