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The Oak Ridge Boys - News

An American Legion Christmas Special set to air this holiday season

orbchristmasPlease see below the buy doxycycline UPDATED TV listings: WCLF Tampa-St Pete-Sarasota (FL) 12/10/14 12am EST

KQDK Denver (CO) 12/10/14 12am EST

WFGC West Palm Beach-Ft Pierce (FL) 12/10/14 12am EST

WRXY Ft. Myers-Naples (FL) 12/10/14 12am EST

WLCN Charleston (SC) 12/10/14 12am EST

WTJR Quincy-Hannibal-Keokuk (IL) 12/10/14 12am EST

KQCK Cheyenne (WY), Scottsbluff (NE) 12/10/14 12am EST

WCLF Tampa-St Pete-Sarasota (FL) 12/10/14 3am EST

KQDK Denver (CO) 12/10/14 3am EST

WFGC West Palm Beach-Ft Pierce (FL) 12/10/14 3am EST

WRXY Ft. Myers-Naples (FL) 12/10/14 3am EST

WLCN Charleston (SC) 12/10/14 3am EST

WTJR Quincy-Hannibal-Keokuk (IL) 12/10/14 3am EST

KQCK Cheyenne (WY), Scottsbluff (NE) 12/10/14 3am EST

GEB DirecTV 363 12/10/14 11pm CST
KGEB TV 53 Tulsa (OK) 12/10/14 11pm CST
KUGB TV 28.1 Houston(TX) 12/10/14 11pm CST

KWHS 51 Colorado Springs 12/13/14 10pm MST

WYBU Ch. 16 Columbus (GA) 12/13/14 10pm EST

KETD.2 53.2 Denver 12/13/14 10pm MST

KSN Joplin (MO) NBC 12/14/14 11pm CST

CTN DISH Network Ch. 276 12/14/14 4pm EST

CTN DirecTV Ch. 376 12/14/14 4pm EST

WCLF Tampa/St. Pete/Sarasota 12/14/14 4pm EST

KWHR 14 Honolulu (HI) 12/15/14 8pm HAST

WVUP Tallahassee (FL) 12/15/14 3pm EST

WVUP Tallahassee (FL) 12/16/14 3pm EST

WVUP Tallahassee (FL) 12/17/14 3pm EST

WVUP Tallahassee (FL) 12/18/14 3pm EST

WHTN Nashville - Ch 39 DISH 12/19/14 5pm CST Ch 10 Charter or 21 Comcast

WHMB 40 Indianapolis 12/19/14 9pm CST

KWHB 47 Tulsa 12/20/14 1pm CST

WHT DirecTV 367 12/20/14 4pm EST

FETV Dish Network 82 12/20/14 9am EST
AT&T U-Verse 578 12/20/14 9am EST
KSMQ, Rochester & Austin, MN, 6 pmCST

WHAG Cumberland (MD) Chambersburg(PA)
Winchster (VA)
Matinsburg (WV) 12/20/14 7pm EST

WYBU Ch. 16 Columbus (GA) 12/20/14 10pm EST

KSMQ, Rochester & Austin, MN, 6 pmCST

KODE Joplin (MO) ABC 12/21/14 10:30pm CST

WHME 46 South Bend 12/22/14 8pm CST

WLCN Charleston (SC) 12/22/14 10pm EST

KSMQ, Rochester & Austin, MN, 6 pmCST

TLN Locals Chicago 12/23/14 9pm EST

San Francisco 12/23/14 9pm EST

GEB DirecTV 363 12/23/14 11pm CST
KGEB TV 53 Tulsa (OK) 12/23/14 11pm CST
KUGB TV 28.1 Houston(TX) 12/23/14 11pm CST

KSMQ, Rochester & Austin, MN, 6 pmCST

WHBF Rock Island, IL
Davenport, IA,
Bettendorf, IA
Moline, IL 12/24/14 11:35PM CST

KNLJ Ch. 25 Colombia-Jefferson City, MO 12/24/14 6:30pm CST

KNLJ Ch. 25 Colombia-Jefferson City, MO 12/24/14 4pm CST

WROC Rochester (NY) CBS 12/25/14 6AM EST

KSN Joplin (MO) NBC 12/25/14 2pm CST

NRB Directv Ch 378 12/25/14 6pm EST
KJCY Twin Falls (ID) 12/25/14 6pm EST
WSOT Marion (IN) 12/25/14 6pm EST
WOBV Starkville (MS) 12/25/14 6pm EST
CFNT Wichita Falls (TX) 12/25/14 6pm EST
KRHP Portlan (OR) 12/25/14 6pm EST
KHWB Eugene/Cottage Gr. (OR) 12/25/14 6pm EST
WJGN VA Beach/Portsmouth(VA) 12/25/14 6pm EST
Google TV 12/25/14 6pm EST 12/25/14 6pm EST
Roku 12/25/14 6pm EST
Faith World Web 12/25/14 6pm EST
Jesus Live Network 12/25/14 6pm EST
Mt. Hermon Web TV 12/25/14 6pm EST
3:16TV 12/25/14 6pm EST
iPointTV 12/25/14 6pm EST
The Stream TV 12/25/14 6pm EST
Sherwood Channel Albany (GA) 12/25/14 6pm EST
Randolph Ch. Greensboro(NC) 12/25/14 6pm EST
FBCTV Sevierville (TN) 12/25/14 6pm EST
WCFT Parkersberg/Vienna (WV) 12/25/14 6pm EST

NRB Directv Ch 378 12/26/14 2am EST
KJCY Twin Falls (ID) 12/26/14 2am EST
WSOT Marion (IN) 12/26/14 2am EST
WOBV Starkville (MS) 12/26/14 2am EST
CFNT Wichita Falls (TX) 12/26/14 2am EST
KRHP Portland (OR) 12/26/14 2am EST
KHWB Eugene/Cottage Grove(OR) 12/26/14 2am EST
WJGN VA Beach/Portsmouth(VA) 12/26/14 2am EST
Google TV 12/26/14 2am EST 12/26/14 2am EST
Roku 12/26/14 2am EST
Faith World Web 12/26/14 2am EST
Jesus Live Network 12/26/14 2am EST
Mt. Hermon Web TV 12/26/14 2am EST
3:16TV 12/26/14 2am EST
iPointTV 12/26/14 2am EST
The Stream TV 12/26/14 2am EST
Sherwood Channel Albany (GA) 12/26/14 2am EST
Randolph Ch. Greensboro (NC) 12/26/14 2am EST
FBCTV Sevierville (TN) 12/26/14 2am EST
WCFT Parkersberg/Vienna (WV) 12/26/14 2am EST

TLN, Chicago Channel 138 12/26/14 9pm EST
San Francisco 68 & 125 12/26/14 9pm EST

WVLT-DT2 (MyVLT) Knoxville, TN 12/27/14 2pm EST



orbchristmasLegendary Group Launching Concert Series Wrapped with True Meaning of Christmas

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 20, 2014) – The legendary Oak Ridge Boys are kicking off the buy cialis online uk holiday season with the Christmas Night Out Tour, and marking 25 years of one of the buy orlistat longest running Christmas tours in the music industry. This year’s series of concerts will journey across the U.S. with an unforgettable show featuring yuletide classics blended with some of the group’s greatest hits. The creative force and woman and cialis signature sound of the Oaks have become synonymous with Christmas music as the country legends continue to captivate multi-generational audiences around the globe.

Lead singer Duane Allen describes it as tradition that offers something for everyone, “It’s that time of year again…time for the jingle bells to be ringing around the world, and on the stage of The Oak Ridge Boys’ Christmas show. There’ll be songs you already know, the traditional songs, Oak Ridge Boys’ Christmas hits, and some new songs. And I’ve heard that Santa Claus may be arriving on a Peterbilt Sleigh. We begin our show with some major Oak Ridge Boys hits, then we take a break and viagra sale when the snow starts falling, it’s a full-blown Christmas show….fireplace, rocking chairs (thank you, Cracker Barrel) and all of the exciting, fun, and spiritual songs that reflect the true meaning of Christmas.”


The Oak Ridge Boys Salute to Christmas

Oaks GatlinsAn American Legion Christmas special set to air this holiday season

The Oak Ridge Boys’ A Salute to Christmas television special, with guest appearances by Larry Gatlin and lasix online purchase the Gatlins, Mary Sarah, and Martin Family Circus, will begin airing later this month. The all new holiday special is a festive and discount cialis canada sentimental hour of songs and viagra without prescription stories celebrating Christmas, and highlighting the work of The American Legion, which provides assistance for U. S. veterans 365 days a year.

You won’t want to miss this very special holiday special! Here’s a short list of show airdates and buy nolvadex online times. Updates will be added soon.

Photo: The Oak Ridge Boys & the Gatlins


KOZL KOZL Springfield (MO) INDIE 11/27/14 5pm CST

KOLR KOLR Springfield (MO) ABC 11/27/14 5pm CST

KOZL KOZL Springfield (MO) INDIE 11/28/14 9pm CST

KOLR KOLR Springfield (MO) ABC 11/28/14 9pm CST

WHME 46 South Bend (IN) 11/30/14 1pm CST

KWHE 14 Honolulu (HI) 12/1/14 9am HAST


DirecTV 345 12/4/14 10pm EST
Dish Network 231,9398,231HD 12/4/14 10pm EST
AT&T U-verse 568 12/4/14 10pm EST
Cox 145 12/4/14 10pm EST
Verizon FIOS - Channel 247 12/4/14 10pm EST
Mediacom 12/4/14 10pm EST
Bright house 12/4/14 10pm EST
Suddenlink 12/4/14 10pm EST
Comcast 12/4/14 10pm EST
Time Warner Cable 12/4/14 10pm EST
Cable One 12/4/14 10pm EST
Skyangel 12/4/14 10pm EST
Optimum 12/4/14 10pm EST
Charter 12/4/14 10pm EST

SkyAngel2 DISH - 266 12/6/14 6pm EST



OakRidgeBoys2961Legendary award-winning, hit-making group celebrate 25th Anniversary of Christmas Tour

Grammy Award-winning music legends The Oak Ridge Boys will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of their annual Christmas tour in 2014 with a festive show featuring live performances of holiday classics and buy proscar online their biggest hits. The 2014 Christmas Night Out Tour is named for The Oak Ridge Boys’ latest CD, Boys Night Out, the group’s first “live” album, released in April of this year. The Christmas show, a two-hour holiday extravaganza, features a mixture of traditional and ordering viagra contemporary songs, beautiful sets, falling snow, and a visit from Santa Claus.

The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas tour consistently receives rave reviews and generic viagra in canada has become a holiday tradition in its own right since its beginning 25 years ago. The masterful blends of new and canadian healthcare pharmacy traditional yuletide tunes are enhanced by the powerhouse group’s renowned four-part harmonies.


October Newsletter

oaksClick HERE for our latest newsletter


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