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Album Credits

1. WHAT'CHA GONNA DO? ----------------------------- 2:38
Steven J. Williams, Wil Nance & Sherrie Austin © 2011 Magic Mustang Music (BMI) Admin. by Big Loud Bucks. Smokin’ Grapes Music / Bilangray Music / Lil' Geezer Music (BMI) Admin by Smokin' Grapes Music Publishing. Rockin’ The Delta Music (SESAC) / Starboard Left Music (SESAC). All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

2. TRUE HEART ----------------------------- 3:57
Michael James Bruce Clark & Don Schlitz. Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI). Universal Music Corp. / Don Schlitz Music (ASCAP)

3. BEFORE I DIE ----------------------------- 3:53
Woody Mullis & Trey Matthews © 2011 Sixteen Stars Music (BMI)/Egan’s Creek Music (BMI) Administrator: HoriPro Entertainment Group, Inc.

4. GONNA TAKE A LOT OF RIVER ----------------------------- 4:28
Written by Mark Henley & John Kurhajetz © 1988 R2M Publishing (ASCAP), R2M Music (BMI) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission. International Copyright Secured.

5. NO MATTER HOW HIGH ----------------------------- 3:12
Even Stevens & Joey Scarbury / ESP Music (BMI) / Music Of Stage Three (BMI), administered by BMG Chrysalis

6. THE SHADE ----------------------------- 3:34
Written by Shane Decker & Troy Jones. © 2004 Cal IV Songs (ASCAP)/et al. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission. All rights on behalf of Cal IV Songs administered by Cal IV Entertainment, LLC. Music Of Stage Three/Brackish Water Music (BMI), administered by BMG Chrysalis

7. ELVIRA ----------------------------- 3:41
Dallas Frazier, Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music (BMI)

8. LOUISIANA RED DIRT HIGHWAY ----------------------------- 4:28
Vernon Rust © 1990 Cal IV Songs (ASCAP). All rights reserved. International copyright secured. Used by permission. All rights on behalf of Cal IV Songs administered by Cal IV Entertainment, LLC.

9. BEYOND THOSE YEARS ----------------------------- 4:43
Troy Harold Seals & Eddie F. Setser / Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI) Warner Music Corp. O.B.O. Two Sons Music

10. WISH YOU COULD HAVE BEEN THERE ----------------------------- 3:46
Steven Dall, Casey Marshall & John Kennedy © 2011 DallSongs (SOCAN-ASCAP) / Blue Carolina Sky Songs (ASCAP). All rights for DallSongs are administered by Blue Carolina Sky Songs (ASCAP). EMI APRIL Music Inc. (ASCAP) on behalf of EMI APRIL (CANADA) Music LTD and CharlieHustle Publishing and soft cialis Irving Music, Inc. / Emercat Music (BMI)

11. LUCKY MOON ----------------------------- 3:24
Mark Wright & Doug Johnson © 1990 EMI Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI) Copyright © 1991 Universal – PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. / Kicklighter Publishing, Inc. (ASCAP ). All rights for Kicklighter Publishing, Inc. controlled and vardenafil vs cialis administered by Universal – PolyGram International Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

12. SACRIFICE…FOR ME ----------------------------- 4:21
Joe Bonsall © 2003 B’s In The Trees Music ASCAP / All rights controlled by Gaither Copyright Management. Used by permission.

It's finally here... and It's Only Natural

Monday, 19 September 2011 07:15

naturalThe Oak Ridge Boys are on fire with Elvira and a whole lot more as they release their new It’s Only Natural CD through the buying cialis online Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® exclusive music program. The CD, which celebrates the thirtieth anniversary of Elvira with a rerecording of the signature hit, also includes six other hits and cialis canadian cost five brand new songs.

“The heart of the CD was inspired by a collection of time-honored songs, but its soul comes from the collaboration we had on this project with talented producers Ron Chancey, Michael Sykes, and Duane Allen,” said Joe Bonsall. “Ron originally produced Elvira and best price prednisone all of our gold and viagra on line platinum albums. This is Michael’s ninth project co-producing with Duane.

The collection of songs includes former Top Ten Billboard hits Lucky Moon, No Matter How High, Gonna Take A Lot Of River, Beyond Those Years, and “True Heart. Louisiana Red Dirt Highway was a No. 1 CMT video hit for William Lee Golden as a solo project. One of the new songs, Sacrifice…for Me, written by Bonsall, is dedicated to America’s fallen heroes.

The CD will be available exclusively at all Cracker Barrel locations… Monday, September 19. For more information, logon to the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® website,

Week 7 Update From Duane

Monday, 12 September 2011 08:46

I met Shar’n Clark in a take-out food place in Nashville several years ago. She asked me if she could send me some songs. I said yes. We have become close friends in the music world. That is how it happens in Nashville. She sent me Christmas Cookies, which was a big song for us. Shar’n knows I like well-written songs that can be looked at in different ways. Wish You Could’ve Been There is a message song, and you can let it apply to you however you wish. I think of the people who encouraged me to follow my dreams when I sing this song. Thank you, Shar’n, for continuing to send us great songs.

Week 6 Update From Joe

Tuesday, 06 September 2011 08:53

Screen_Shot_2011-09-06_at_9.54.24_AMI wrote Sacrifice...For Me awhile back, and I have always hoped that someday we would find the right project and buy nexium online the right time to let it loose. It would seem the time is now. 'It’s only natural' to be singing a song of sacrifice and prices paid for liberty with the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this week.

Dallas Frazier on "Elvira"

Monday, 29 August 2011 10:49

What Dallas Frazier had to say about the The Boys...
"When the Oaks first cut Elvira, the phenomenal success it created for them blessed my quest for success as well.  Every songwriter dreams of getting cuts like that one.  They did an extraordinary job!!

When I just recently heard their new cut on Elvira, my reaction was WOW!!  These guys sound just as good as they did 30 years ago.  There is no doubt that standing ovations are going to follow them as long as they perform.  God bless the Oaks!  I'm proud that they count me as one of their friends.
~ Dallas Frazier, songwriter, Elvira


Week 5 Update From Richard

Monday, 29 August 2011 10:05

Screen_Shot_2011-08-29_at_11.04.50_AMIn The Photo: (L to R) William Lee Golden; Jim Halsey, The Oak Ridge Boys' long-time manager; Ron Chancey, producer of The Oak Ridge Boys' multi-platinum single Elvira; Richard Sterban; Duane Allen; Toni Foglesong (front); Jim Foglesong, former president of ABC-Dot/MCA Records, who signed The Oak Ridge Boys to the label that would become the home to their many hit albums and buying viagra online cheap us singles; Michael Sykes, producer; Raymond Hicks, song publisher and buying viagra in canada former Oak Ridge Boys' road manager; Julie Craig, Marketing Manager, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store; Joe Bonsall; Kirt Webster, Webster & Associates

One of the great things about this project was being reunited with our long time producer, Ron Chancey. It was exciting for all of us to work with Ron again. We brought him back especially to produce a new recording of Elvira in celebration of her 30th anniversary, but he also produced two other songs.

Our goal was not to change Elvira but to reenergize it and woman testimonial of cialis make it relevant to the current marketplace. I think we did that. It now sounds more like our live version. If you compare the oom poppa mow mows from thirty years ago to our new recording, they sound different. The newer version is more exciting, more live.

Week 4 Update From William Lee

Sunday, 21 August 2011 00:00

williamFrom William Lee Golden

Louisiana Red Dirt Highway took me home, literally. When I first recorded this song we filmed the video in my hometown of Brewton, Alabama. The video reached #1 on CMT and stayed in the Top Ten for 13 weeks. The lyrics remind me of my childhood and generic cialis canada the clay roads lined with pine tree, which directed me to Tennessee when I joined The Oak Ridge Boys as a young man.

(In The Photo: William Lee Golden rehearsing with pianist Gordon Mote)

Week 3 Update From Duane

Monday, 15 August 2011 08:25

Duane-singingFrom Duane Allen
It's Only Natural
is a mixture of hits and brand new songs, ballads and best price cipro kickin' songs—and there are songs that feature each member of the Oaks as we take our individual leads. I am normally recognized as the lead singer. However, this project gives each “Boy” the opportunity to sing lead as the other three harmonize. This week I want to talk about two of the new songs on the CD!

I look at this as a group song. We all start singing it in power harmony from the beginning. I sing the verses, but I believe some of the most memorable lines of the song come from Richard Sterban. This song was pitched to us by a former employee of The Oak Ridge Boys . . . Raymond Hicks was our road manager for many years. He has started a new publishing company and canada viagra pharmacies scam we are honored that he pitched this to the Oaks. I believe this is his first cut on a song he has pitched. I would call this a typical “Oak Ridge Boys’” song in the area of One In A Million, American Made, or Dig A Little Deeper In The Well, with “heavy on” group singing.


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